Free language exchange app (Learn English, Chinese, Spanish, French…)

Get Fast Answers

Real people all over the world answer your language related questions — instantly! Forget machine translations; native speakers are here to help. This is more than a simple language exchange: you can ask any language question by text, picture or audio. You’ll be amazed by how fast you get your answer. Linqapp is a free language exchange app and can be described as a platform where people from all around the world are connected with one purpose: helping each other.

If you have any language question (Translations, grammar…), just ask our community. You will get assistance and you might make new friends in the process. Learning a new language becomes ludic. You will be amazed to see how fast your language skills improve.


Connect With Native Speakers

Start a language exchange, find interesting people, and make new friends. Linqapp makes it simple: you choose the language you want to learn (English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Russian…), and we find native speakers that you can directly interact with, worldwide or right in your neighborhood. It is so simple to learn new languages with Linqapp.

On top of that, Linqapp is a free app where these native speakers can provide assistance for any language related question such as translation, grammar and vocabulary. Linqapp is a perfect tool to help you in the language learning adventure.

Become a Linqapp Language Expert

On Linqapp, you’re part of a thriving language learning community. In other words, you will be part of a global language exchange community. Whenever you help someone, you gain reputation points. In the near future we will allow high-level Linqapp members to monetize their skills right here on Linqapp through paid translation, tutoring, instructions and more. Moreover, Linqapp is not only an app, it’s also a language blog where you can find help, tips and facts about languages for free.

With Linqapp, there is finally an app (a platform) where is possible to interact and improve your language skills in English, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, French, Spanish, Spanish, Chinese or any other language you might be interested in, without depending on automated, imprecise and out of context translations. Getting assistance, a correct translation, teaching, or learning a language has never been this easy!

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