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Linqapp Language Learner: Olle Linge

Linqapp Language Learner: Olle Linge

By on Aug 6, 2014 in Language Learning

Time for another interview with a Linqapp Language Learner! We had a chat with Olle Linge, known for his amazing blog Hacking Chinese. Enjoy and don’t forget to have a look at Olle’s blog if you haven’t yet!

First of all, introduce yourself

Hi! My name is Olle Linge and I’m a language learner and teacher from Sweden. I have studied several languages, but Chinese is the language I have spent the most time with in recent years. I currently study in a master’s degree program for teaching Chinese as a second language in Taipei, Taiwan. I’m the founder of Hacking Chinese, where I write about how to learn Chinese more efficiently as an adult.

Which languages do you speak? Which languages do you still want to study?

I speak Swedish, English, Chinese and French. In theory, I want to continue learning all these languages. If we’re talking about languages I haven’t studied yet, I think it would be interesting to learn Japanese and German.

Why do languages matter for you?

I find languages interesting to study because they are extremely complex and fascinating ways of arranging and understanding the world. You can study a foreign language for ten years and still have a lot left to learn. At the same time, a language is quite useful since it allows you to communicate with more people with different backgrounds. This certainly doesn’t take ten years, so language learning is interesting at all stages!

What is the most challenging aspect of language learning in your experience?

I find psychological aspects the most demanding. Once I’m comfortable in a language, I love speaking it, but I tend to be a bit reserved before I reach that level. Therefore, speaking enough and exposing myself to enough new situations is what I find most demanding when learning a new language.

What is your all-time favorite language? Why?

This question is very hard to answer. I think all languages have their own charm and I can’t choose one over another. Based on my actions, though, it seems I think Chinese is quite interesting, probably because it’ s completely different from any other language I have studied.

What is your personal advice to language learners out there?

I have written several hundred articles about how to learn languages so it’s hard to pick one piece of advice. In general though, I think most people would benefit a lot from learning about and using the proper tools for learning vocabulary, SRS in particular. Apart from that, I think avoiding perfectionism and understanding why 80% is better than 100% is also very, very important, not only for language learning.

What do you like about Linqapp?

I think language question triage is very important. I want to find the most efficient way of solving a problem I have without wasting more resources than necessary. Linqapp allows me to receive answers to many language questions almost instantly and without having to rely on other resources. This means that I can use these other resources, such as teachers and language exchange partners, for other things they are more suitable for.

Thanks Olle!

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